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Property damage is always a headache. Sometimes you catch a problem early enough for a quick and relatively painless fix; but sometimes, you don’t even know what’s happening until it’s too late and the damage has spread. In either situation, the biggest hassle is dealing with the insurance companies. You’re not a professional claims consultant or insurance agent. You can’t be expected to know absolutely everything you need to know to negotiate your property damage claim. You’re already dealing with a stressful crisis so adding a number of frustrating conversations with your insurance company on top of that is certainly not ideal. This is where a public adjuster, like one of us here at Allegiance Public Adjusters, comes in to save the day.

Our professional claims consultants are here to represent your interests and assist you in preparing, filing and negotiating your insurance claim. It is our job to relieve you of all aspects of the claim process and recover the maximum monetary settlement from your claim. You’re already dealing with enough stress and loss; we’re here to help lighten the load.

Thinking you can probably just handle everything on your own? Well unless you are an insurance agent yourself, I’d think again. Let me tell you about an unfortunate occurrence that happened to my friend Lilly…

Last year, Lilly was on vacation with her family in Spain. This was their first trip to Europe so they were all very excited. They turned off all the lights in the house, locked all their doors and set off on their two week journey with big smiles on all of their faces. Since they had no pets or plants to water they saw no need to have someone checking in on theFeatured image house.

So Lilly and family were off having a great time without a care in the world, but little did they know a disaster was happening back home. A pipe burst in the kitchen at some point while they were gone and flooded the whole bottom floor of their home. Can you imagine coming home from a magical trip, opening your front door and out comes a stream of water that ruined everything it touched while you were away? This is not the best welcome home present in the world to say the least.

At first, Lilly and her husband thought they could handle everything on their own. But after many a frustrating conversations with their insurance company, Lilly broke down and gave me a call. I stepped in and took care of every aspect of their insurance claim so they could focus on recovering from the disaster.

Allegiance Public Adjusters is here to handle all your insurance claim needs. Whether it’s your home or your business that sustained damage; whether the damage was a result of vandalism, theft, water, wind or fire; whether you think you can handle it on your own or not; give us a call to speak with a Philadelphia public adjuster about your claim immediately.