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A million thoughts run through most peoples’ minds in the aftermath of a disaster such as fire or theft. The first thing is their sense of loss or violation. After that, the most important thing people think about is whether they can be made whole again. They wonder what it will take to return to conditions as they existed before the fire ravished their home or thieves invaded their property, etc. It is definitely not the time to add on top of the loss one has just experienced, the further complication of having to recall the countless provisions that can be contained in a person’s life insurance policy.

Yet, that is what many people do who pour over their insurance policies and try to go it alone with their insurance company. They trust the insurance company to use their adjusters to go over their damaged property; however, this is a bad idea. First, adjusters hired by the insurance company do not necessarily represent your best interest when assessing a policy holder’s property damage. Second, and most importantly, insurance representatives actually prefer working with an accredited public adjuster instead of the policy holder. This is because most people don’t know what exactly is in their insurance policy. After all, people usually buy their insurance policy and then store it away hoping to never have to use it. A policy can contain hundreds of provisions and stipulations, complex and specialized terms, and various forms and riders not to mention the yearly revisions that are often made to one’s policy. All this makes a property damage claim a very tricky and complicated thing.Featured image

But it is not tricky for Allegiance Public Adjusters. We at Allegiance Public Adjusters are public loss consultants who can help take on the trouble out of muddling through your policy. We work with insurance representatives but are not beholding to them or to their shareholders. We represent your interests and we understand the hundreds of provisions a policy can hold and can make sure you are compensated for your loss. We are a Philadelphia public adjuster firm that takes its fee from a percentage of the settlement our clients reach with their insurance company. Free policy review and on site damage consultations are even available for prospective clients.

In a time of disaster or emergency the last thing you want to do is go over a morass of insurance lingo on some long forgotten policy. You want things to return to the way they were before your property was damaged. You want to be made whole again. Allegiance Public Adjusters will work with the insurance companies to put things back in order so that you can resume a life put on hold by the unexpected and unwanted.